Do you have a great App or idea and looking for a team to help you build a great App for your company? We can handle mobile projects from small, simple Apps to complex projects.

Why Choose Us

We deliver highly polished iPhone & Android apps for startups and enterprise clients.


Mobile app strategy services are based on the vast amount of research methods and the experience of our experts. Developing a mobile strategy helps to define the implementation roadmap and set up milestones both for the customer and for the professional team of Newzgram.


Working hand-in-hand with our clients, we take your initial concept and merge it with everything the Newzgram team knows about mobile, about startups, about what does and doesn't work. We turn ideas into actual products.


Mobile app design is much more than just about visual effects. It is about the relationship between the product and the user. While working on any project at Newzgram, we primarily think about the end user and his impression of the product.


For our business and startup customers, we deliver not only mobile apps but also a web app development services.It can be a managed, an app landing page for promotional purposes or any other kind of website to compliment their business venture.


Mobile app testing is a crucial part of development process both for business and startups. It helps to get an independent, objective view of the project and allows identifying and fixing problems in the product before it will be released and installed on the smartphones of the end users.


Mobile app publishing is an important process. Both for startups and business it can become a fundamental component of the successful release of the application.